3:26 AM

Red, digital numbers were the first domestic sighting this morning. I saw moonlight first, against the contrasting dark tree trunks. That ethereal feeling was broken by the numbers on the alarm clock: 3:26.

I’d just finished dreaming of two people: one who I imagine would be flattered to know of my subconscious drifting; the other horrified.

I have no doubt “3:26” is a familiar sight for them both. I also have no doubt that they would deny their insomnia, both to themselves and to each other.

The appearance of these two faces was exactly what I needed. My sleeping brain was telling me to let go and move on. And now having seen them both, I woke up to an emptiness which I will fill with another story.

It is coming into slow focus and, thanks to two of my “beta readers,” will be another story about Mitch Bradford.

Mitch needs to be redeemed.

He needs a little 3:26 AM in his life.

(Original post edited on 10/25/16)

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