“No, I am not sick.”

Every winter, we are forced to spend more time in enclosed spaces due to our warm-blooded nature and in an effort not to freeze to death. Our energies bring us into closer-than-usual contact with one another allowing those germs and viruses to be shared. Invariably, we pass around colds, fevers, stomach bugs, and other maladies. […]

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The Sun Broke over the Horizon

Yesterday was a very good writing day. It was the first real cohesive and productive day I’ve had in a while. I crossed over the 85K-word mark, which unlike other mileposts, puts the finishing line in sight. When I hit the 85,000th word (incidentally, the word was “translation”), my mind pulled up the image of […]

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Quick Update

It’s been nine days since I have typed away at this blog. (I’m not blogging now, merely updating.) Take a minute to look at my second piece published at elephant journal. It’s all about love. I have entries in at thirteen (of fifteen) contests. About half are a short story; the balance are excerpts from […]

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3:56 am — Again and Finally

This is the 100th day in a row I have written here. Every day since October 25th, I have taken my place in front of my laptop to share a thought or observation with whomever clicks through from Facebook or Twitter, gets an email notification, or stumbles across a link elsewhere. In these past 100 […]

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