Tell Your Story: Space is Limited

When my town’s recreation and community education department sent out an email looking for instructors to teach classes during the spring and summer, I drafted three proposals.

To my surprise, all three were accepted; and, if people sign up, all three will run.

Although I’m looking forward to facilitating a conversation about the divorce process and teaching people how to make kombucha & fire tonic, of the three classes I’ll be teaching in the spring/summer, this one is closest to my heart:

If ever you’ve considered writing but have hesitated (perhaps thinking to yourself “I don’t know where to start”), I would tell you, “Writers write what they know” and would encourage you to “start” with writing about yourself.

Your memory has everything it needs to tell a story. The trick is finding the right tool to dislodge those buried thoughts. Once that rough gem is in your hand, you need only to sharpen it with language and mood and texture.

Over this four-week course, participants will be reading, writing, reading the writing of their course-mates, and receiving individual feedback from me. While I predict that it’ll be a lot of fun, I foresee participants being challenged by the task of honest self-reflection.

By no means do I consider myself an expert on memoir writing. (In fact, I doubt anyone who puts words to the page would claim “expertise” in memoir writing.) I have been at it for a while though, and I have seen the guideposts and pitfalls along the way.

So, if you live in or around Littleton, Massachusetts and have ever thought to yourself “that would make a great story” or if someone’s told you “you should write a book about that,” sign up and let’s get you started.

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