And So Begins a Season of Writing

My favorite time of year to write is autumn. Something about children returning to school and the weather encouraging hibernation stirs up a feverish desire to put words on the page.

While I have several manuscripts I could work on (edit, revise, review, reread, more editing), I’ve created a new set of characters and a bold set of complications they will need to struggle through. Here’s what I’m working on:

My creative writing project, MARGOT, REED, TANYA, seeks to address the dearth of fictional writing relative to the experience of menopause by telling a story of a couple, recent empty-nesters, who find themselves bewildered by the degradation of their intimate relationship and are struggling to either accept its precipitous downward spiral toward death or find a way to figure it out and forge a midlife reconnection—perhaps even fall in love again.

The story is set in present-day New England in two small towns with occasional glimpses of city life. My goal is to render the characters both relatable and sympathetic so that readers might feel equal parts pity and fear as Margot, Reed, and Tanya move through the story.

And here, at this blog, I’ll share MRT‘s progress when the mood strikes.

For now, I’m going out on a long walk with the dog before my afternoon writing hours. She’s waiting . . .

Kanga, who is believed to be a Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur

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