Fighting against the Absurd

  In our culture of minute-to-minute inter-connectedness, we have come to expect ourselves and others to disclose (share one’s thoughts/experiences) AND respond (perceive and comment on the thoughts/experiences of others). Somehow we have come to regard “full engagement” as being part of a running (and oftentimes meaningless) commentary on things that 1) we don’t really understand […]

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Women are Still Dealing with This

Recently I had the opportunity to “interview” for a volunteer position. Myself, along with the other volunteer candidates, were asked questions by a five-member panel. Ostensibly, these open, public interviews gave the candidates a chance–above and beyond what each of us might have shared via our written applications–to impress the panel with our detailed and […]

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When Choice is Suspended between Perseverance and Abandonment of Effort

For the last little while, it has seemed as though everything I consider doing is too challenging, too time consuming, or simply unrealistic. Some little voice in my head screams thoughts at me throughout the day. “You can’t get published.” Too challenging. “You can’t really get to know what your children experience.” Too time consuming. […]

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Haters Gonna Hate

In any average day, you can find me reading non-fiction essays that focus primarily on erudite topics that integrate philosophy, social justice, feminism, politics, creativity, and mindfulness. Guess what? There is nothing “new” out there. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have the thoughts of others to deepen an understanding with which we already have a familiarity. Recently, I […]

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