A Toast to False Friendship

Ever think to yourself that you’d like to try something new and set your mind to do it for a whole year? Usually this happens around December 30th or 31st when annual resolutions are made with the best intentions to alter one’s course of conduct in order to bring fresh meaning and purpose to daily […]

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The Point of Suspension

I’m always cheered when I come across a collection of words that can have multiple interpretations. Shades of meaning, nuance, literal versus figurative attribution–all of these make the navigation through language an adventure-filled discovery. Over the last many years–though primarily since I’ve been writing in the past two–I’ve come to know myself better. Spending the […]

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The Return to the Cave

Well, today’s the day: I’ve decided, once again, to deactivate my Facebook account. Here’s why: Yesterday, my spouse and I were at a local independent bookstore. Seeing all those stories gorgeously displayed in that wood-paneled space was both exhilarating and depressing. It thrilled me to know that I have seven novels sitting in various stages […]

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On Being Provocative

“Provocative” is one of the greater words to which we have access as speakers and writers of English. Like most words, it has multiple definitions. Unlike most words, it has two separate and seemingly opposite meanings: 1) causing annoyance, anger, or other strong reaction; and 2) arousing sexual desire or interest. The both variations share one […]

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