Are You Mad at Me?

Remember back when you were mired in teenage angst and told your parents about a friend who was “ignoring” you for “some reason” but you didn’t know what or why? Can you recall that feeling of anxiety, almost fear, sitting in your center and possessing your thoughts over what you could have possibly done to […]

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Cheapest Present Ever

Today is my birthday. I am forty-five. Big deal, right? Not really. Forty was hard. In fact, I wrote a very long novel (220K words) about a woman who had something of a midlife crisis when she marked four decades on the planet. Fifty might be tough. Who knows. Last night, right before I went to […]

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The “Awkward” Mirror

A month ago, I shared an experience of mine where I’d bumped into an old friend from whom I’d gotten the sense, over the last year and a half, didn’t want to continue any sort of friendship. It was awkward. Then two weeks later, in the same public sports complex, I saw her again — […]

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Game On

I have decided to enter some writing competitions. Seventeen to be precise. Last night, I got my submission to the Massachusetts Cultural Council in hours before the deadline. This morning, I’ve been tidying up various excerpts from GINNED UP, DOUBLE DIRTY, and MY PLUS ONE to fit within the requirements of each specific contest. Prize […]

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Thanks Due and Owing

How is it that this is the 93rd post to this blog in ninety-three days and I have yet to express my deep gratitude? Not only for those of you who have been interested from the beginning but also those of you visiting here for the very first time. You are the reason for this blog. The […]

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