The Daily Numbers Game

I start my morning with a number: the number I see on the bathroom scale. I have been doing this since middle school — maybe even late elementary school. The result, usually read under the illumination of a night light, determines in no small part what sort of day awaits me. If it the reading […]

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Speedbump vs. Exhaust

When I got my driver’s license — at sixteen and a half years old, on the very day I was eligible — I already had a car. It was also sixteen and a half years old and cost all of $600.00. It was, what my dad called, “a boat.” These many years later, I would […]

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How’d You Two Meet? Online.

When people “follow” me on Twitter, they get an automatic message in their inbox from me. While it is generic, it makes clear that I have doubts about the value of sharing anything in 140 characters or less. It reads: Thanks for following me. I’m new to the World of Twitter. I hope to make […]

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