On the Cusp

What happens when one child brings the stomach bug home from his third grade class on a weekend when all six of his family members are together not only because it is winter but also because two of the four children have birthdays that weekend? Vomitfest 2016. As of this moment, four of the six […]

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Looking through a Singular Lens

Fifteen years ago, at this very moment, I was holding a baby. He was nine hours old. We named him Asher Steven. “Asher” because Rob’s best man said it sounded like the name of a future great American novelist; “Steven” in honor of my deceased father. Asher’s birth was “uneventful,” if it is possible to […]

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What’s It Called?

On this day in 1874, the US Patent Office granted a patent to Samuel W. Francis for this “invention.” Maybe it was less of an “invention” and more of a combination of two things which, prior to Mr Francis’s bright idea, had not been put into one handy utensil. One hundred forty-two years later, I […]

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The Daily Numbers Game

I start my morning with a number: the number I see on the bathroom scale. I have been doing this since middle school — maybe even late elementary school. The result, usually read under the illumination of a night light, determines in no small part what sort of day awaits me. If it the reading […]

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