Season of Candy

Arnold Tucker is one of the four “voices” the reader hears when reading FLEET FILES. Despite having recently been elevated to the corner office at the Fleet Police Department, Chief Arnold Tucker lives a life of consistent loneliness. As an only child, his parents soothed his troubles with food; Arnold never overcame the habit. Here […]

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A Rose by Any Other Name

One of the most frustrating aspects of having the capacity of language is the concomitant reality of the attributed meanings found in the words themselves. Despite access to more than a million words in our shared English language, the average adult tends to use only between 20,000 and 35,000 of them. Predictably, we opt for […]

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It’s Hard to be a Hooker

Writers are routinely told that it is essential to “hook the reader” early. Back in the day, i.e., long before I ventured into writing, the recommendation was to get that task complete within the first 1,500 words. (I found that tidbit of wisdom in a book printed in the ’90s.) Over the last couple of […]

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Better than Crack

I make that representation not having ever tried it myself nor having heard any firsthand accounts of the high crack can produce. It’s poetic license; it’s the power of description wielded by words. “Better than crack.” Never had it? Doesn’t matter. You know what I mean. Now, you may be thinking, “What? What is better […]

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3:26 AM

Red, digital numbers were the first domestic sighting this morning. I saw moonlight first, against the contrasting dark tree trunks. That ethereal feeling was broken by the numbers on the alarm clock: 3:26. I’d just finished dreaming of two people: one who I imagine would be flattered to know of my subconscious drifting; the other […]

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Invariably, I wake up before the rest of my house — dogs included. This has been going on for years. And for years, I’d fritter away the peaceful space of the dark morning hours clicking and scrolling. Occasionally, I’d read as I worked my way through a pot of coffee. Then last April, I decided […]

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The Search

In April 2014, I decided to write a story. I did. And, it was long. 220K words. It took me fifty-seven days. The day after I wrote the last chapter, I left on a three-week vacation to the West Coast with my husband, Rob, and our four children. The day after we returned, I started […]

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Jenna Brownson’s Seasonal Bio

Born: winter of ’71 Graduated with BA in Philosophy: spring of ’93 Ex-patriated to Latvia to serve in US Peace Corps: summer of ’96 Married: spring of ’99 Entered parenthood: winter ’01; Re-upped membership: winter ’03 and winter ’05 Finished law school, magna cum laude: spring ’05 Passed bar: summer ’05 Met last baby: spring ’07 […]

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