The Tipping Point

Every day I am expected to stand on one foot, hold the other one out in front of me by the big toe, and not fall over. The goal is to remain still during a the five-breath time frame as that is the duration of the pose. When I first started, I fell over. That […]

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Just When It Seems Time to Stop

For the last little while, it has seemed as though everything I attempt is met with a giant roadblock. Every offer and invitation is ignored or declined; every suggestion and thought gets passed over with a shrug or distraction. It could be the season. The lazy days of summer can become a vehicle for complacency […]

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Surround Yourself with Life

Prolific and accomplished authors tend to recommend that a writer’s creative space be devoid of any stimulus in order to keep the writer focused solely on the work. I tried that for a while: bare walls, clutter-free desktop, seat facing away from the window. Although I understand the advice, those prolific and accomplished authors must […]

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The Root of All Suffering

Years ago, yoga was a way for me to challenge my body to be strong, balanced, and flexible. I would go to my studio and, for lack of a better phrase, “work hard.” Invariably, I’d sweat, I’d try to do “better” than last time, and I’d go home in the afterglow of a successful workout. […]

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I Have Become My Mother

I have ten presets on my car stereo: two are NPR, one is classical, two are alternative rock, three classic rock, four are pop stations my children like. (Side note: When the children are in the car, I try to tolerate the uninventive, repetitive, and simply mindless pop songs, but soon crack and say, “I’m […]

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No, I Insist, You First

Months ago, I friend of mine gave me a book of Buddhist thoughts with the heavy title of Life, Death and Afterlife by Lama Yeshe. This gift came after she and I had shared some thoughts about those three topic areas one night in my sauna. I’d avoided reading it for fear that it might suggest that […]

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