Worst. Advice. Ever.

Everywhere I look, someone wants me to know the “secret” in going from “writer” to “author.” Blogs and websites abound online with “must read” content; books and magazines take up shelf after shelf with “essential tips to take your writing to the next level.” It’s overwhelming and generally not very helpful in its enormity. Seeing […]

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The Toughest Job

This photo was taken twenty years ago. The fact that I am old enough to share photographic evidence of a time from my mid-twenties puts me solidly in “middle age”–a chronological reality despite my feeling not much older than I was when captured on film (yes, it was film) in July 1996 in Latvia. Serving […]

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An Anthem for the Times

Every time I hear “Round Here” by the Counting Crows I hear desperation, and longing, and the abandonment of hope. It seems like these words (from 1993) are relevant to many, many things happening nowadays here and abroad. If you can get an audio clip, I recommend you do; though if you were around and paying […]

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Cease and Desist? Not just yet.

Not everyone who chooses to read this blog, either here or elsewhere on social media, will agree with my thoughts and opinions. I don’t write about hearts and flowers and unicorns. Cute puppies and crock pot dinners don’t interest me. From the start, I have written about loyalty and betrayal. What readers have found here–and at […]

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