Whose Bootstraps are Those?

We have a strong cultural identity as Americans to each have the intrinsic ability to be our own best advocates. If something is a challenge, it is to be conquered. If adversity rears its head, it’s only a matter of self determination to persevere. When life knocks you down, you just pull yourself up by […]

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Time to Reasses-Again

I wrote this one year ago: There comes a time in everyone’s life when contemplation about what really matters becomes an overarching obsession. Perhaps it’s the time of year: that cultural push to reflect on what one should be grateful for — being the week of Thanksgiving. Perhaps it’s the onset of cold weather: that […]

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Double Pregnancy Concludes

For the last many months, I have been looking forward to “getting past” two big events: the national election and our annual fall town meeting. Both caused me to feel anxious; both caused me to feel hopeful–sort of like pregnancy. Recent Pregnancy #1: For me, the national election was, in one stark way, like my […]

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Pride Goes before the Fall

Apparently, that’s not the exact quote, though it is the one that popped into my mind this afternoon. The original quote is this: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18, New International Version. So it appears as though I abbreviated the verse while keeping some essence of the meaning behind those words. And […]

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Be the Moon

In our daily lives we are asked to share, update, and post. I translate those into “divulge, disclose, and publish.” Although we have the privilege of privacy, that is, no one forces anyone to use Facebook, Instagram, or tumblr, we oftentimes divulge and disclose with abandon to anyone with access to our profiles. Sometimes what […]

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