The Curse of Small Town Living

To hear others expound on the merits of small town living, you’d be convinced of the perils of living in either bucolic isolation or city anonymity. If you and your family are off-the-grid, homesteading in Idaho you could be eaten by a pack of rabid wolves months before anyone might happen upon your compound. Choose […]

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The Holiday Slowdown

A year ago at this time I was between books. I’d finished My Plus One on the 15th of November and started writing  Double Dirty on December 14th. While I did some editing of  Fleet Files and Ginned Up in those interim four weeks, it appears as though I did nothing related to writing from the 18th […]

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Perception is Everything

When my son Asher was four and a half years old (ten years ago in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, we were discussing the upcoming holiday. We invited Nana and Papa for the festive meal. It was just going to be the seven of us. (Abram wasn’t born yet.) Our family is vegetarian; Nana […]

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Time to Reassess

There comes a time in everyone’s life when contemplation about what really matters becomes an overarching obsession. Perhaps it’s the time of year: that cultural push to reflect on what one should be grateful for — being the week of Thanksgiving. Perhaps it’s the onset of cold weather: that seasonal effect causing a thoughtfulness around […]

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It’s a Word Marathon

Today I hit 30 thousand words. It has taken until now — 30K words into my 7th novel — for me to have a true appreciation for the 30K-words mark. It marks the place in the story where every important character has been introduced and the framework of the story has been put down. By […]

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