Habits: good vs. bad. Discuss.

When I travel, I tend to get myself buying into the idea that “when I get back,” I’ll start _______ing and I’ll stop _______ing. Somehow being away from the place which defines me allows me the freedom to try on the notion that I would adopt a beneficial practice and/or break myself of something “not […]

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A Sleeping Bag is Not a Scarf

“So, that’s your one and only run in with the law?” he asked. “No, I got tagged here in town,” she said. “When?” “When I was thirteen,” she said. “Vandalism?” “Nope.” “Under-age drinking?” “Nope.” “What then?” “Truth or dare,” she said. “You want ot play that now, Esquire?” he said with an edge of flirt […]

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With One Foot in the Past and the Other in the Future, my Heart and Mind are Dead Center

I’ve been away from home for the past four days. I’d every intention of reading a book on the plane which I’ve been asked to review for a literary magazine, but a reality TV show about a chartered, luxury yacht crew — and their in fighting and dangerous liaisons —  was more compelling. (I know those are […]

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Most of One Molar

I’m in California with my sister and her family. I just woke up.  3:08AM. It’s three hours later at home and I know I’m not going back to sleep. I’ve had enough sleep. I’m wondering if the coffee which my brother-in-law set up last night and I’m listening to brew will be any good. I’m […]

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My Plus One: Book Blurb

This is how I would describe my novel, My Plus One: “Augusts off” was the promise given to Callie and Ray when they committed to a life helping others: Callie as an animal-behavioral psychologist, i.e., “pet whisperer,” and Ray as a psychotherapist to a more pedestrian breed of clients, i.e., damaged humans. Callie and Ray […]

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