Habits: good vs. bad. Discuss.

When I travel, I tend to get myself buying into the idea that “when I get back,” I’ll start _______ing and I’ll stop _______ing.

Somehow being away from the place which defines me allows me the freedom to try on the notion that I would adopt a beneficial practice and/or break myself of something “not so good.”

Well, new habits are hard to establish and old ones are even harder to break. (The word “good” is implied after “new;” the word “bad” is implied after “old.” Without the implications, my assertion is a fallacy.)

While with my sister, we ran in a charity 5K.


Like really slowly.

It took us 51:06. (That was my time; hers was 51:07. Don’t think I didn’t purposefully “finish strong” when I saw the inflated arch over the finish line.)

Now in our mutual defense, I will point out we took turns pushing a heavy double stroller which two semi-flat tires and a 4-year-old passenger. And we’re “middle aged.” And neither of us would consider ourselves “runners.” She’s probably a solid “jogger;” and I’m a yogi. (Don’t think I didn’t purposefully “choose well” when I opted for that sport.)

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Regardless, before the race, I thought, “When I get home, I’m going to put a 5K into my yoga rotation.” Four and a half days later — with my calves still aching — the only I thing I can think in response to my initial idea is “F*ck that.”

So, I’ve decided on a different new “good” habit: I’ll start controlling my temper better. (In part to imbue my home with a sense of peacefulness.)

The old “habit” to try to shed: I’ll stop using the F-word whenever it comes to mind, which can be every few f*cking seconds if I’m trying to get to yoga in f*cking time to get myself f*ucking relaxed after a f*cked-up, long day.


I can tell which one’s going to be less of a challenge.

Care to play?

Follow the pattern:

Controlling my temper better vs. Using the F-word.



6 thoughts on “Habits: good vs. bad. Discuss.

  1. Haha! I love this! Literally two days ago, my mom bribed me to not use the “F” word. If I don’t say the “F” word for one whole month then she’ll make one of my student loan payments. There is around $474 on the line here. I start December 1st. I told my sister when the clock strikes Midnight on New Years I will probably yell, “FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK that was fucking hard as fuck!” 🙂

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