And So Begins a Season of Writing

My favorite time of year to write is autumn. Something about children returning to school and the weather encouraging hibernation stirs up a feverish desire to put words on the page. While I have several manuscripts I could work on (edit, revise, review, reread, more editing), I’ve created a new set of characters and a […]

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Tell Your Story: Space is Limited

When my town’s recreation and community education department sent out an email looking for instructors to teach classes during the spring and summer, I drafted three proposals. To my surprise, all three were accepted; and, if people sign up, all three will run. Although I’m looking forward to facilitating a conversation about the divorce process […]

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To the Threats, I ask, “Is Life Not a Hundred Times too Short for Us to Stifle Ourselves”? ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

On Thursday evening, I received another letter threatening a lawsuit, summarized with “please be informed that absent the immediate removal of your writings from the Internet  . . . a lawsuit will follow.” We live in a nation where we each have been promised the inalienable right to free speech. I’m exercising this right. And […]

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The Looming Threats of a Lawsuit

On July 19th, just hours before I’d published even one word of Episode 1 of GINNED UP, I received a letter from an attorney. This attorney represents a person integral to my memoir. The salient part read as follows: “If you publish or in any way promote false and defamatory statements or information of and concerning (my […]

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To the People of My Hometown

As you may recall, seven years and some months ago, I resigned my elected seat on our town’s Board of Selectmen. What you likely do not know is that just a few weeks after my resignation, a then-sitting board member called to warn me that The Boston Globe would likely be calling for my comment […]

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