With Halloween coming soon, I find it no small coincidence that I would have been recently visited by a ghost. Not an actual spectre–for those of you who believe in these middle-ground dwelling creatures–but a metaphorical one. Over the course of long-term relationships, we have the opportunity to not only learn a great deal about […]

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Thank You, DJT

In the last many months as our nation’s political landscape has been torn apart by landmine after landmine, I’ve not had much to say about it in any public forum. But now with just over two weeks before the voters elect (by a landslide) the first woman to serve our country in the life of […]

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Oh Baby, It’s Not So Bad

The wallpaper on my cell phone is a photo I took of my niece when she was about six months old. She was strapped into her car seat, my sister was navigating Los Angelos traffic, and I was digitally capturing the sadness of an infant. Perhaps not my finest moment as an auntie, but babies […]

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The Dreaded Phone Call

You never know when a phone call is going to alter your life. It should reasonably follow then that you cannot “dread” something if you cannot “know” when in the future it might manifest. Linguistically, this might me true; however in practical terms, I disagree. I think it is perfectly reasonable to dread a future […]

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The Process of Shedding

While the shedding of the skin of a snake happens consistently during the growth period of a snake’s life, there can be found an analogous “shedding” in the lives of humans as well. Sometimes it’s a simple as moving from one part of the country to another. For example, if one moves from Wisconsin to […]

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The Risk of Rejection

Before school was out in June, I sent off pages from my revised manuscript to a literary agency I’d convinced myself would be a very good fit for me. The agency works with authors whose books I’ve read and the agents, by way of their biographies, appeared to be the sorts of folks with whom […]

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