The Process of Shedding

While the shedding of the skin of a snake happens consistently during the growth period of a snake’s life, there can be found an analogous “shedding” in the lives of humans as well. Sometimes it’s a simple as moving from one part of the country to another. For example, if one moves from Wisconsin to […]

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The Risk of Rejection

Before school was out in June, I sent off pages from my revised manuscript to a literary agency I’d convinced myself would be a very good fit for me. The agency works with authors whose books I’ve read and the agents, by way of their biographies, appeared to be the sorts of folks with whom […]

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Victimhood, Agency, and a Discovery

In any average day, you can find me reading non-fiction essays that focus primarily on erudite topics that integrate philosophy, social justice, feminism, politics, creativity, and mindfulness. These writings infuse my thoughts and percolate for a while, then after some time and distillation, they shed some parts, merge others, and emerge after being  translated through the […]

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Back to School Blues

Many parents are celebrating the return of their children to the care and education of school. With these school-age kiddos back on the bus and gone for the day, mothers and fathers are free of the summer chants of “Let’s go someplace today” and “There’s nothing to do here.” While painful to fork over several […]

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The Tipping Point

Every day I am expected to stand on one foot, hold the other one out in front of me by the big toe, and not fall over. The goal is to remain still during a the five-breath time frame as that is the duration of the pose. When I first started, I fell over. That […]

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Just When It Seems Time to Stop

For the last little while, it has seemed as though everything I attempt is met with a giant roadblock. Every offer and invitation is ignored or declined; every suggestion and thought gets passed over with a shrug or distraction. It could be the season. The lazy days of summer can become a vehicle for complacency […]

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