To the People of My Hometown

As you may recall, seven years and some months ago, I resigned my elected seat on our town’s Board of Selectmen. What you likely do not know is that just a few weeks after my resignation, Alex McCurdy called to warn me that The Boston Globe would likely be calling for my comment on my […]

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WARNING: Mature Audiences Only

I’m about to tell you some very personal information about me—and, I suppose, about the people I came to know, came to trust, and in the last seven years, came to question. In this years-long unearthing of myself, I have obsessively studied human nature, individual motivations, inviolable loyalties, and painful betrayals. And I had all […]

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The Perilous Comforts of Being Average

Twenty-two years ago when my fiancé and I wrote our wedding vows, we agreed to incorporate particular words and phrases. Of course, “love” and “respect” were there, but I felt it important to include “extraordinary life.” That word, “extraordinary,” is something of an oxymoron, in that, the meaning is understood as “exceptional” and/or “special,” not […]

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Why Aren’t We Farther Along?

Years ago, a friend explained that the reason she was divorcing after fifteen years of marriage, which included grade-school-aged children, a dog, three sets of silverware, two mortgages, and one much-coveted snowmobile, was because they weren’t “farther along.” Ever since hearing of that novel unit of measurement, I have lain it on a short stack […]

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An Explanation for his American Rule [Tosses cellphone across the room, where it lands on the patterned, tufted couch. Stomping toward the Resolute Desk, where scant work has been done for the American people in the last three and a half years, he squeezes into the chair, glances at the corner where his predecessor had […]


Asking for Child(ish) Support

With the advent of social media, especially Facebook, people have been given license to say pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want, about any subject–though mostly the preferred subject is oneself. When social media was growing to the behemoth that it is today, commentators praised the democratization of thought that social media could foster, […]

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