Welcome new readers in South Africa, Ireland, Canada, as well as all of you regular readers. I’m glad you are here to continue the adventures of Fleet. # Arnold’s Monday was going to feel unusually long. He had his 9:30 roll call with Natalie, which she was ten minutes late to, and he had his […]

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Hello Dear Readers from Pakistan, France, India, USA, and other far-flung places. When last together, you learned that Charlie is trying therapy, Natalie is getting deeper into the files, and Arnold’s “little employee relations” problem has not been properly solved. And so the story continues . . .         # With controlled […]

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# Although Natalie did the best she could to keep an eye on Arnold, it was something of a challenge as their desks were in opposite corners of the building. There was parking on both sides of the station which allowed the Arnold to stay on his side and the rank and file on theirs. […]

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Welcome back and welcome readers in Latvia. FYI: This installment is about twice that of the first three. Happy Sunday reading . . .   # Charlie’s car was in the driveway when Natalie arrived home. Gathering her belongings, Natalie reached under her seat for the HC file, and she then thought better of it. […]

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The City of Fleet awaits you . . .       # Two pay periods passed, and Natalie had yet to see the salary increase in her check. The first one was understandable. She signed the contract on a Monday; she didn’t expect to see the increase a short three days later. Natalie understood […]

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Welcome back, Dear Readers from America, Australia, and China. In today’s installment, you’ll meet Tommy, a reclusive computer whiz with some ideas that might help out our not-so-bright Arnold with his “little employee relations problem,” AKA Natalie’s new position. If you’re new to FLEET FILES, I recommend you read yesterday’s post, as that’s where the […]

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FLEET FILES by Jenna Brownson (1)

In recognition that may of us feel trapped in our homes as we try our best to be responsible practitioners of social distancing, I thought it might be entertaining for you to read, installment by intsallment, the second novel that I wrote years ago. As a child, I remember reading “serials” in magazines. In particular, […]

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