A Decades-In-The-Making Apology

I called my mother today to apologize for my “atrocious behavior.” (Those quotation marks are properly attributed as those were the words I used.) I caught her off guard. “What are you talking about?” she asked with genuine curiosity. I reminded her that several decades ago, I was 14 and a half. (I let this […]

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Drawing a Contrast

Being an adult requires lots of strengths. One strength that is expected of grown-ups, pretty much across the board, is that of self-reliance. The idea that you do what you can to the best of your ability and draw satisfaction from the experience. Whether it be work, parenting, or garnering a new skill, the “adult” […]

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Why Go So Far Away?

Years ago, I stayed overnight in the Spam capital of America: Austin, Minnesota. Although I skipped the museum tour, I did manage to meet an interesting woman. Divorced with a handful of teenagers–some biological, some adopted–she had just returned from two weeks abroad, traveling with her 14-year-old daughter. Just the two of them. While I […]

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Fighting against the Absurd

  In our culture of minute-to-minute inter-connectedness, we have come to expect ourselves and others to disclose (share one’s thoughts/experiences) AND respond (perceive and comment on the thoughts/experiences of others). Somehow we have come to regard “full engagement” as being part of a running (and oftentimes meaningless) commentary on things that 1) we don’t really understand […]

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Women are Still Dealing with This

Recently I had the opportunity to “interview” for a volunteer position. Myself, along with the other volunteer candidates, were asked questions by a five-member panel. Ostensibly, these open, public interviews gave the candidates a chance–above and beyond what each of us might have shared via our written applications–to impress the panel with our detailed and […]

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