Extreme Makeover

Don’t you just love the idea of going from “X” to “Y” in a short amount of time? The idea of waving a magic wand to affect change has always been part of our collective fantasy world. It’s why winning the lottery (or any contest) is so appealing; it’s how those TV shows suck us […]

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The Battle of the Other

I have an acquaintance. She’s not really a friend. We don’t know each other well enough to use that word. This is not to say that I wouldn’t want to be friends with her. I would, but there just hasn’t been a chance to begin a friendship.   For many adults, the people in their […]

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“Same as it Ever was.”

My oldest child was seven and a half months old on 9/11/01. I remembering being at work, where I investigated child abuse and neglect 37.5 hours a week, and thinking that the world was coming to an end. Dramatic and fatalistic as that thought was, I can confidently look back now and see that I […]

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I feel a story coming on. And it’s not going to be pretty. In the last few days I have been trying to compile in my mind what my next novel is going to be about. I’ve kept my eyes open and have come across three significant things, or for the sake of drama we […]

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Time Laspes

This is not a photo of the actual hourglass I have on the windowsill in my writing space. Mine was a gift from a friend who, while we were both serving a Peace Corps Volunteers in Latvia, traveled to Poland and brought it back for me. I’m not sure why he chose that as a […]

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