Asking for Help

The thought of drowning frightens me in a way that mirrors the way some others regard the idea of being around spiders or mice or snakes. Just the thought of it makes my heart rate tick up and my breathing change. When my kids were young, I routinely would dream of losing them to the […]

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Insipid: Tastes like Chicken

  Ever have one of those words that you hear frequently, and from the context pretty much know what it means, but you aren’t completely sure? For me, that word has been “insipid.” I’ve been familiar with it for years but have avoided confirming for myself its official, dictionary definition, until this morning. A friend […]

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Confrontation at its Worst

Some people have the skill to look at an issue, parse out the troubling pieces, and identify what’s causing the problem. While I think the ability to do this well is learned, the basic foundation rests on the rules of logic and perception–two things that I presume most people have within their grasp. Over the […]

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