The Saga Continues . . .

Last night, I appeared at the Select Board meeting and read this statement: I was here two weeks ago to ask this board to find out when the Littleton Apothecary is planning to open.      Have you done that?* A week and a half ago, Christine Nordhaus posted about the Apothecary on Facebook. Some questions were […]

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To the People of My Hometown

We’ve got a problem. For over a year now, requests have been made to our Select Board to find out what exactly is happening with a business that really ought to be up and running by now. Normally, the “government” keeps its nose out of the goings-on of private businesses. However, an exception is made […]

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An Open Letter to Erica Podgorni

Dear Erica, When I was in law school, we learned about two types of wrongdoing. There is the type where someone is accused of violating a criminal law, and the matter is adjudicated in criminal court. All criminal matters are prosecuted by the state and begin with an arraignment or an indictment. To be convicted […]

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