My Plus One: Book Blurb

This is how I would describe my novel, My Plus One:

“Augusts off” was the promise given to Callie and Ray when they committed to a life helping others: Callie as an animal-behavioral psychologist, i.e., “pet whisperer,” and Ray as a psychotherapist to a more pedestrian breed of clients, i.e., damaged humans. Callie and Ray were readying for August in Africa when the unexpected wedding invitation to Ray’s sister’s wedding arrived, ten months early. Unawares of the reason behind the change of date – Ray’s and Rachela’s father, Frank, is actively dying and asked his soon-to-be son-in-law to bump up the date – Callie and Ray agree to make the best of the open road. Along the way, Callie and Ray encounter sexy strangers, doomed beef cattle, a singing dwarf, the world’s largest ball of twine, a friendly leech, and – most importantly – Steinem: the forty-pound black dog with a white spot, left to fend for himself outside a convenience store in Kalispell. This August will be remembered for Frank’s disclosure, Ray’s wanderlust musings, Callie’s sense of being betrayed. Through it all, Callie and Ray come to know themselves better through the eyes of one another.

Would you read it?

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