Three Things I Love in My Mouth

Kale. Why my life went close to four decades never having had this remarkable green, leafy vegetable is nearly unconscionable. (I will admit that it is possible that in the heat of the 1970s, I may have had kale in its dried state in a package of Knorr’s Vegetable Soup Mix which promptly was mixed with sour cream and scooped into a hollowed out bread bowl. If I did: doesn’t count. Sorry, Mom.)

Coffee. A few years ago, rumors circulated about the price of coffee going through the roof due to scarcity of harvest. People said, “Stock up now.” I briefly considered taking money out of my retirement account and doing as advised. Then, as I envisioned myself explaining why I needed to draw from my 401(k), I reconsidered and decided that I would use my gasoline funds to purchase the pricey beans. I saw myself on my bike going to and from the roasting house and then, at home, drinking coffee with nowhere to go. Happily sipping away.

Barr Hill Gin. It’s been forever since I had it, but I can still feel the cool tingle on my tongue and the prickly heat in my throat. (Disclosure: The reason why it’s been forever since I had this is not based on scarcity. I was spending too much time loving the feel of this in my mouth that I had to break up with it, like a love-to-hate kind of boyfriend.)

After two days of sad/depressing/despairing posts. I thought I’d slip into “fun facts” about what makes one part of me happy.

So, I’ll ask: What do you like in your mouth? (Control yourselves.)


21 thoughts on “Three Things I Love in My Mouth

  1. You’re limiting me to 3 three?? things??? As someone who loves to eat and taste cuisine from all over the World this is most difficult. 3 Three of my favorite things would be! (Not in priority order)
    German Mosel Wehlener Sohnenuhr Auslese
    100% pure black Kona coffee from the Bad Ass coffee company in Kona.
    Steamed Chilean Sea Bass done Hong Kong style with Kai Lan or Doh Myiow and garlic.
    Tell me if I can add 10 or 15 other taste treats.

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      1. Uh, no. There are too many flavors I love…hence “gelato”. If I may list them all, however, I would say gianduia, dulce de leche, caramel al sale, ricotta e fico caramellato, caffe, amarena, torroncino, tartufo, cioccolato, rum, bacio, yogurt e mirtillo, tiramisu, and almost all the fruit sorbetti! When are you coming to visit?

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  2. Never, ever, ever touch the 401k.
    1. Like Rob, Food is my vice. Italian primarily, but I must say I never pass up breakfast.
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Oh, did I say food !!!!!!

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  3. Good English toffee. Sometimes have to settle for a Heath Bar.
    Red wine.
    Dense old world type bread with butter.
    Those choices must add up to several thousand calories!
    Sorry about the kale….I never liked spinach and figured it was too close a relative.😔

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  4. I like any orange “food” besides candy corn, any red food besides radish, and any green food besides arugula. I think I’d go with eggplant, sweet potatoes and I have a pumpkin obsession. I’ve recently discovered caffeinated peanut butter, which is weird because I don’t do either usually, but it’s worth starting a conversation about. I’ll just bring it up. I can’t remember who I’ve talked to about it, but I can usually tell mid sentence, haha. I usually like Chuck Schumer but he doesn’t think it is safe (kids, kids giving it to pets, etc.) It does have safety warning on it. He just doesn’t like that you have to put it in the medicine cabinet. I’ll eat it while it’s legal, though.

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  5. Top of the list: Glidden Point oysters on the half shell, preferably with a champagne chaser. 2. Mariages Freres Rogue Bourbon tea. 3. Macallan scotch 18 year

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  6. i laughed out loud at this title. there are these amazing espresso filled chocolate things from italy called Pocket Coffee. they explode espresso into your mouth. for reference the same company also makes Pocket Espresso which comes with a mini straw. i also love that my tongue and teeth are in my mouth. life would be odd with an empty mouth.

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    1. Gonna have to go get a Pocket Coffee now… Have seen them in the stores over here in Italy for the past two years, and haven’t yet tried one. Love, love, love Ferrero Roche though!

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