Perception is Everything

When my son Asher was four and a half years old (ten years ago in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, we were discussing the upcoming holiday. We invited Nana and Papa for the festive meal. It was just going to be the seven of us. (Abram wasn’t born yet.)

Our family is vegetarian; Nana and Papa are not.

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So, Rob and I thought it fair to discuss the possibility of Nana and Papa bring a turkey. What would Thanksgiving be (for turkey-eaters) without the traditional centerpiece?

(I’ll spare you all a strong and persuasive argument for the benefits to your health and to the planet by adopting a vegan diet. There’s something you can be thankful for tomorrow as you render the limbs from a carcass which more likely than not has fecal materi . . . .ooops. Never mind.)

I turned to Asher and said, “What would you think if Nanny and Papa brought a turkey for Thanksgiving?”

He smiled and said, “That would be ok.”

Then we began assuring him that there would be lots of broccoli, mashed potatoes and squash.

Asher’s face scrunched up.

Rob noticed. He said, “What is it?”

Asher looked up from his spaghetti and said, “You said Nanny and Papa are bring a turkey.”

“Right,” I confirmed.

His eyebrows shot up, along with his voice, when he said, “To eat?!?!?”

Needless to say, it was a vegetarian Thanksgiving. Nana and Papa were fine with that. Additionally, they got a pass on finding a turkey “to play with” on such short notice.

4 thoughts on “Perception is Everything

  1. I fight the all world, and my mom, very slowly started to respect me being vegan, and today most of the meals are at least vegetarian. not easy. the house is vegan!

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  2. So let me get this straight.
    Vegetables grow from the earth. Organic vegetables contain nutrients from the earth and are fed by carbon dioxide and nitrogen from decaying plants and animal waste, manure by another name.
    Beef, chicken and turkey grain fed, grass fed and antibiotic free are themselves vegetarian and they poop, manure by another name.
    I just don’t get it. They say you are what you eat. I say enjoy the turkey today, I’ve been called worse.🦃😜

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