The Search

In April 2014, I decided to write a story.

I did. And, it was long. 220K words. It took me fifty-seven days. The day after I wrote the last chapter, I left on a three-week vacation to the West Coast with my husband, Rob, and our four children.

The day after we returned, I started another story. That one, too, took fifty-seven days to write.

Since then, there have been four others: all but one taking that magical seven-days; the outlier took fifty-two days.

When novel #6 was done, Rob asked when, exactly, would I begin an agent search. Truth be told, the notion to “put out there” my work, coupled with the predicted slew of rejections, did not hold a lot of appeal.

But a few weeks ago, I decided it had to be done. I queried six agents. In a couple of weeks, I’ll query six more. A half dozen at a time seems reasonable.

I’m in no hurry.


Because I love the writing.

I will begin novel #7 in the next few days. Then, it’ll be head down for fifty-seven fantastic days.

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