Three Things I Love in My Mouth: Do-Over

About six weeks ago, I shared a short list of “Three Things I Love in my Mouth.” Many of you replied with your own list of three particular “things” you, too, loved in your own individual mouth. Some of you listed more than three (not keeping within the confines of the “rules”); some of you listed three broad categories (not providing a real insight into you as an individual).

So I thought we’d play again.

This time, the categories are:

1) Favorite beverage

2) Favorite breakfast

3) Favorite dessert

10 points for specific details on how exactly how you like them prepared.

20 points if you have had any of the three in the last week.

50 points if you describe them so well that whoever reads your list wants to get together with you for a drink, go out for breakfast, or say to the waiter taking your dessert order, “just one of those, but two spoons.”

Here are mine:


Cafe Americano made with French roast coffee beans — extra hot with a twist of lemon rind.


Whenever I get out to LA to visit my sister, she takes me to Blu Jam Cafe. Every time I order the Spicy Tex-Mex Tofu Hash. (Here is the description from the menu, which I realize is sort of cheating.)

Tofu scrambled with black beans, onion, chipotle, cilantro, grilled potatoes, tomatoes, salsa fresca, and avocado, served with GMO free corn tortillas.

I shamefully will admit that I have to concentrate on not bursting into tears of joy each time it is set down in front of me.


Fruit salad with toasted pecans: perfectly-ripe mango, banana, orange, and jicama cut into small — though not tiny — pieces with a squeeze of lime to balance the sweetness of the fruit. The pecans provide a rich, fatty crunch to balance the textures.

Add up your points. (Note: maximum points possible = eighty)

I got sixty.

And who’s coming to Los Angeles with me?

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FYI:  The calculation of your points is done on the honor system. You will be able to redeem them in the same manner you’re cashing in your jackpot-winning Powerball ticket from last night.

19 thoughts on “Three Things I Love in My Mouth: Do-Over

  1. Ok Jenna…I will play.

    Beverage – Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Old – The gold standard for bourbon. Its a family recipe mash aged in oak barrels aged for 20 years. If you are lucky enough to find a bottle it’s likely going to be on the secondary market and cost you about $1,200.

    Breakfast – Maine blueberries. It’s a dirty secret. Blueberries tend to be bad from the grocery store. Gritty. Tart. You haven’t had a blueberry until you had one pulled out of a bush in the state of Maine.

    Dessert – Red velvet cake made by Jennifer at my work. Get this… she retires Friday. I will never have that cake again. Another woman baked one yesterday to attempt to carry on the tradition…we were all like, “It’s good.” It wasn’t. Damn that Jennifer and her desire to enjoy her time with her family.

    Let me tally my score.



    I am the current point leader Jenna.

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      1. Admittedly, math isn’t my forte. You opened up the door with a system of self-reporting. Anyway, I am swallowing my pride and admitting you are right. There is no one point answer and I apologize for my earlier error.

        I have recalculated and now my score is 62 leaving me still in the lead.


  2. Definitely “low brow” except for dessert.
    Beverage is what I am drinking right now….hot, fresh brewed black Melita coffee.

    Breakfast is extra crispy Kirkland bacon (not burned) fried eggs over medium, crispy hashbrowns, marble toast with cherry preserve.

    Dessert is Bev’s French Silk, a chocolate mousse ringed with lady fingers brushed with couintreau chilled in a springform pan. Recipe from Bev……………..
    I think I get 20 points for the cuppa in front of me.

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  3. Don’t worry, Bob, I’m pretty “low-brow” too.
    Beverage: a hot Dunkin Donuts coffee (decaf) with two creams. In the summer, it’s iced. I understand some people hate DD coffee, but to me it’s coffee heaven.
    Breakfast: I can’t eat too much in the morning, so just a bowl of mueslix cereal with 1% milk. If we go out to breakfast it’s usually later in the morning, so I’ll usually have an omelette. The best omelettes I’ve ever tasted were served at a little place in my hometown called The Corner Cupboard, but it’s been gone for years now. I dream about those omelettes.
    Dessert: chocolate cream pie. Or Death by Chocolate cake. Or anything with chocolate in it. Yeah, chocolate.
    Just ate a bowl of the cereal, and had several cups of the coffee this week, so that’s 40 points. I save the pie and cake for special occasions, but I eat dark chocolate every day. It’s not so much dessert, it’s a simple necessity of everyday life.


    1. If DuDo’s doesn’t burn it, I like their coffee, too. And for me, chocolate and coffee are little more than twins separated at birth. I love them both and have yet to find someone who enjoys one and despises the other.

      Point to you, Tina.

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  4. Unsweetened ice tea. If I want it sweet I will add Stevia or honey. The southern style sweet tea makes the fillings of my teeth hurt, it is so syrupy.
    Omelet with cheese. If handy, added sautéed tomato, onion and mushrooms. Hold the green pepper…
    Like your Dad, a really good carrot cake with a not too sweet frosting. Buttercream is good. We used to rate the carrot cakes from various restaurants and experimented with recipes to make our own. Did pretty well….
    Not too much detail, so I will grab 30 points!
    AND I am going to LA!😎

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  5. 1) Favorite beverage – Ah a cold frothy mug of People’s Pin Farmer Brown Ale. The perfect way to have it is in a pint size mason jar. Place the jar in the freezer for about 20 minutes, from there take the jar slick with frost place it on the counter and snap open the bottle which has been cooling in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Tilt the jar slightly and pour. Best time of year to have this is the summer after a vigorous session of weeding the garden. The nutty dark icy beverage will please your palette and cool your body. I had this lovely elixir just about a month ago.

    2) Favorite breakfast – Sunday breakfast in our house is almost a religion in itself. Don and I take turns creating a holy feast of favorites each weekend. My personal favorite is poached eggs with béarnaise sauce over polenta cakes, eggs benedict-ish if you will, but so much more delectable. The polenta is made generally beforehand, usually as part of an evening meal earlier in the week, made with cornmeal, milk, a dash of fresh rosemary and cheddar cheese it is formed into patties and fried until crispy and golden on a super hot griddle. The eggs procured from a local farm are poached in the swirling pot of water to a silky yolky perfection and gently placed atop the polenta cake. The most important part is the homemade béarnaise sauce, Don boils down the aromatics including tarragon, shallot and white wine vinegar, then he adds eggs and melted butter using a frantic whisking motion until the concoction is a soft yellow mixture that is so smooth, so thick and so flavorful you literally consider slathering it on your skin. The best part of this morning indulgence is when you break open the egg under the sauce and there is a swirl of brilliant orange commingling with the soft yellow, colours so reminiscent of a soft spring sunrise. The combination of crispy cake, with the egg and sauce is something that transports you to a rare level of foodie joy. This was my Christmas breakfast this year.

    3) Favorite dessert – I bake, I actually bake often and quite well, or so I am told. My baking skills range from the sweet to the savory and from the basic to the complex, but my dessert preference is something very pedestrian – vanilla ice cream. I suppose I should say not just any vanilla, it has to be Stewart’s Golden Vanilla, a treat I can only have when I got home. Of course as I type this that “home” really isn’t home anymore, in this instance I am referring to the capital region of New York State where I spent my high school years and lived up until 2000. The number of Stewarts shops run parallel to the number of Dunkin Donuts in the Greater Boston area, their motto is “We’re closer to you!” but sadly not anymore in my case. The ice cream is true to its name, golden and sweet, cold and creamy, the really beauty of it being is the simplicity of this frozen treat. It is perfect on its own but so versatile it can transport a plain piece of apple pie into a totally delectable work of art. I had some over Labor Day weekend sitting by the Mohawk River, a warm lazy evening with my family.

    Points – Oh I suppose 30. What I do know is I am now hungry AND homesick.

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    1. First off, I think you deserve WAY more points. At least 10 for description and 50 for making me consider jumping off the vegan wagon and crashing your kitchen for breakfast.

      On a side note, you may want to consider writing cookbook descriptions. I could almost taste the tarragon.


  6. I’m in!
    Beverage: Boring but simple, a Coke, glass bottle, just above freezing.
    Breakfast: French toast, thick but not too thick, with a side of bacon, crispy but with a touch of chewy left. The S&S in Cambridge was my favorite, although it has been so long, I can’t still vouch for it.
    Dessert: not fair having to pick one, but Boston Cream Pie from Lyndells in Somerville, chocolate, custard, light cake…mmmmmmm

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  7. Beverage:

    Smoothie. So broad! Usually I make mine at 530 in the morning and I’m sure I look like a zombie doing it. I don’t drink it until 9. I usually do almond milk (dropped the kefir), frozen spinach, frozen berries, banana, Vega one Chai vanilla protein, trader joes green powder, turmeric, and hemp seeds. I like pretty much all smoothies though. 30 points

    Dessert: pumpkin cheesecake. The best of both worlds. Pumpkin is in my top 5 foods. Cheesecake is top 3 desserts. Tiramisu. Was a close second. 10 points.

    Breakfast: the best breakfast I ever had was juevos rancheros in Costa Rica. A friend said she’d never seen me that happy before. I can’t duplicate them though. So usually a veggie omelet with spinach mushrooms peppers onions and sweet potato hash. Connector cafe in lowell turned me on to this. Good if you are starving, hungover or just worked out. 10 points.

    I think I have 50. Looks like I need to eat more of what I love. I almost picked water, but my love of water would have taken forever to write about. It also would have put me at 70 points.

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  8. OK, I’ll play

    1) Favorite beverage

    East Fresian black tea from Harney and Sons, brewed for exactly 3 minutes with honey by neighbor gave me, and whole milk. I just had a cup 10 mins. ago.

    2) Favorite breakfast

    3 minute soft boiled eggs and Challah toast made by my mother and only my mother in one of her 40 egg cups. Wish I had one right now.

    3) Favorite dessert

    Panna Cotta with raspberry puree made with heavy cream from Springdell farms and Knox gelatin and put in the fridge for at least 10 hours so it’s good and hard.

    10 points for specific details on how exactly how you like them prepared.

    20 points if you have had any of the three in the last week.

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