By the seat of my pants (though I usually wear skirts)

(Note: I believe the following applies primarily to fiction. I will humbly welcome a correction from a non-fiction writer if I’ve made too-narrow a generalization. Here goes:)

There are two strong sentiments in the writing community about how to approach writing: the plot/plan/outline approach or the by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach. While some writers blend the two, I’m fairly confident that those “in the middle” lean hard to one side or the other.

I’m a “pants-er” — or, more accurately, a “skirt-er.”

(Disclosure: I am not a fan of the modified term, “skirt-er” as the implied meaning is that I employ avoidance techniques. I’m about as confrontational as one can get. So much so, I consider “confrontation” a positive way to get a fruitful conversation started.)

Yesterday, I read Chapter 2 of Accidental Gravitas to Rob (husband/constant listener of my writing). When I stopped reading, Rob nodded, and said, “I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next. So, what’s going to happen next?”

Now, you’d think after listening to chapter after chapter for six novels, he’d know what I’d say: “I don’t know yet. I’ll figure that out tomorrow.”

Well, it’s “tomorrow” now, and I have an idea.

(P.S. This one came from the seat of my pajamas. I’ll change into a skirt later.)

4 thoughts on “By the seat of my pants (though I usually wear skirts)

  1. Good morning,
    You say Rob is a listener. That statement jump started this thought. I am wondering if you put your books in a digital format you could publish your books for less and reach a much different audience. I know that I listen to digital media when I am outside doing yard work, gardening etc. It allows me to be twice as productive. I also listen as I drive (solo, as jan and I are otherwise chatter boxes) distances and it makes the trip shorter and more enjoyable.

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    1. I love your suggestion that I consider audio books before I even secure a way to get the words onto either paper or an electronic “page.”

      I’m not sure if I have the voice for audio recording. You don’t happen to know Kathleen Turner or James Earl Jones, do you?


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