Fear And Loathing in Suburbia

I should have gotten right to writing this morning.

I was up soon after four o’clock — silent house, freshly-brewed coffee.

Distraction took hold. Instead of spending those precious hours with familiar characters, and introducing a few more, to move Accidental Gravitas forward, I applied for a job.

Well, sort of.

I submitted an online application and uploaded my resume. The second piece of the application is the drafting of a mock memorandum of law relative to probate and family law issues in which I have a decent basis of knowledge.

When it came time to buckle down and draft said memorandum, I knew my early-morning behavior was capricious.

Fool that I am thinking that I could spend my time writing what someone else directs be written.

So with four solid hours wasted on a folly of prospective employment, I will dress for my Ashtanga yoga practice in the hopes that after ninety minutes, my brain will be clearer than it was hours ago.

Maybe then I’ll be able to do that which I love.

Write a story.

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