Which is more Grueling? Tangoing or Writing?

While I humbly refer to myself as a “writer,” I spend as much — if not more  — time wearing the hat of an “editor.”
Here’s how I’ve managed my writing/editing.
1.  Write novel on laptop.
2.  Print out novel changing it from single space to double space and only on one side of page.
3.  Let sit for 8-10 weeks in a closed box on the shelf. Ignore it while writing something else. For me the “something else” has, thus far, been another novel.
4.  Open box as the novel’s “First Reader.” Edit for copy, style, consistency, credibility, etc. on paper.
5.  Transcribe changes from paper to electronic copy; go back to single space/both sides of page. Refer to once-edited draft as Paper Edit I (PE I).
6.  Make one (1) copy of PE I in bound-manuscript form.
7.  Give PE I to Rob. He edits for copy/style/consistency/credibility/etc.
8.  Review/incorporate Rob’s edits electronically on PE I; rename PE II.
9.  Print six (6) manuscripts of PE II to give to specifically-selected “Beta Readers” along with a detailed list which I call “Questions for Beta Readers of PE II.
10. Receive and review feedback from Beta Readers. Balance these against each other.
Product Details
(If you were learning to tango, you’d be done after ten.
If you’re me, you’ve for four more steps.)
11. Review/incorporate Beta Readers’ edits electronically on PE II; rename PE III.
12. Give to “Final Reader” for another critical look.
13. Review/incorporate Final Reader’s edits electronically on PE III; rename Final Edit.
14. Try to reduce 100K-140K words into a succinct and compelling Query Letter.
I think hour for hour, I spend more time editing than I do writing. I am deeply indebted to my Beta Readers, to my Final Reader and, of course, to Rob who has to endure my griping through every edit. He’d much rather have me happily writing.
As I would, as well.

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