Would You Be Brave Enough?

I thought I’d end up blogging about those goofy new choices we’ve been offered from Facebook. Now, you can “like,” “love,” “wow,” “cry,” and “growl” at people’s posts. Passed is the requirement that you need offer condolences when a friend announces the death of a parent. Now you can just click the crying yellow face and your “thoughts and prayers” will be felt. Foregone is your obligation to . . . (OK, I’m going to stop because I found something infinitely more interesting to highlight.)

Getting lost in the world-wide web is something I don’t do often. I find that I end up going from one shallow website to the next, gleaning little meaning or information for the time invested. I find it’s just a bunch of weakly linked, quick sound bites that do nothing more than remind me of the banality of the internet.

But . . .

There is the rare occasion when I stumble across something remarkable:


Now some of you might already be well aware of this feminist website with naked photos of women. It’s been around for about a year. (You’re probably re-reading the previous sentence because you picked up on “feminist” and “naked” in the same sentence and the clear absence of “not” or “no.”)

Product Details

The idea, so far as I can tell, is to show the variations and normalcy of the female human body alongside in-depth interview questions about sexuality, gender, body image, masturbation, pornography, etc.

I just read a critical opinion piece on how herself.com is doing the opposite of what it claims as its mission, i.e., the posting of naked photos only leads to further objectification of the female body. The idea being that men (and some women) cannot read the interviews without being distracted by the naked photos, therefore the photos serve to undermine whatever it was that these women wanted to share.

But I disagree.

I believe that the more comfortable we become with the variation in shape and size of women (and men) the greater our capacity is to see past the outer skin and into the essence of the person.

So I challenge you to go to http://www.herself.com.

See if you can read an interview (or two or more) without being so distracted by the nudity that you fail to comprehend the woman’s words. If you can, perhaps you will feel like you “know” her better because, without shame or humility, she showed you everything. In fact, I wonder if after you read her words, you will come to believe that what she said was more provocative than what she showed.

I wonder how many of the women who read my post today would be willing to be photographed and interviewed by the feminists at herself.com.

I know that I surely would.

4 thoughts on “Would You Be Brave Enough?

  1. You should suggest that she consider interviewing with herself.com, Steve. And then, were she to do so, you should focus your attentions on her WORDS in her interview. Do you think you could do that? Or, is she not really the “empowered” woman you describe her to be?


  2. Very interesting website. Perhaps all those years as a nurse alters my perception of the naked body. I read several of the articles without being distracted by the nudity. Liked Aniela’s statement that feminism isn’t about putting men down but rather about lifting women up.

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