Everyone Needs Goals for the Day

While many people chart out their personal objectives based on a triggering event, usually a date like the start of a year, the start of a month, or even a Monday, I’m thwarting convention and picking the second Tuesday in March to set down some goals.

As the date is random, so is the order in which I list the following:

Today I will not eat any of Sunday’s Bribery Cake. It’s my own fault for perfecting a recipe that I consider “harmless,” perhaps even “healthful,” based on its ingredients. This endorsement may be true were I not to be the enthusiastic consumer of multiple slices each day. Damn my baking skills.

Today I will rewrite my query letter for FLEET FILES using everything I learned at my seminar on Saturday. Thereafter, I will send it to six literary agents: two “dream” agents, two “reach” agents, and two “newer” agents.

Today I will begin the work I need to do on my revisions so I can resubmit MY PLUS ONE.

Today I will take the dogs for a walk.

Today I will take a sauna.

Today I will take a nap.

Today I will be patient and not send a “Hey, have you forgotten about me?” email.

Today I will not check my blog stats or engage in political banter on Facebook.

All these objectives are only for today. Because if I manage to get all of the above done, I’m going to want a piece of vanilla-marmalade cake tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have a slice for breakfast.

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I can’t wait for Wednesday . . .

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