Picking Through the Pile

It’s probably not such a good idea to put domestic paperwork into a pile in my writing area. Without fail, I end up not putting important dates onto the calendar; I forget to pay bills; I lose track of “must sign” schoolwork for the children.


Image result for messy stack of papers


Every so often, I’ll tackle “the pile.” I’ll end up sending “sorry I forgot” emails and making “please, waive the fee” phone calls. Occasionally, I’ll come across a handwritten note of mine.

Today, I  found one of Rob’s business cards with my scrawl on the back. We had been at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, where an exhibit about macro-micro perspective was featured.

My notes read:

Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers 

Joel Robinson

Elgin Park

Chris Jordan is an artist who provokes his viewers to think about our interaction with the world. He compiles a large image through the use of smaller or representational images. In this case, the moon is made up of credit cards. Each of the 29,000 credit cards represents the average number of personal bankruptcy filings every week in the US in 2010.

Click through to his website. On the right, you can scroll through a collection of equally provocative images.

Joel Robinson is, in my opinion, the Salvador Dali of photographers. Take a look at his most recent work at his website. It’s fun and fresh.

As for Elgin Park, that note of mine referred to Michael Paul Smith’s use of miniatures and photography to depict a 1950’s fictional town. In many ways, Elgin Park makes me think of the fictional place I created where my characters live and struggle. This link brings you to a short video about Mr. Smith’s work.

While I often regard “the pile” as an ugly, sleeping monster that I tiptoe around until I grow brave enough to wake it, I am pleased to have found beauty in the stack today.


Happy weekend.





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