Extra Credit

I was nominated (yes, again) to participate in the Siblinghood Award, which I have come to believe is little more than a blogger chain-letter. Here’s to you James Fahy.

His inquiries in bold; my responses in regular font:

What book first made you cry, and why?

The Bridges of Madison County. The thought that the woman would live the rest of her life wishing for something she couldn’t have was a devastating notion for me.

If you could be any one of your favourite characters (your own or others you’ve read) for one day, who and why?

I would James Bond and I would use that “license to kill” unflinchingly for the full 24 hours.

What is your favourite opening line from a book?

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins.”

Do you have any odd writing rituals (has to be a yellow legal pad and a HB pencil for example)

No. But there should be coffee, tea, or water available–to my right.

Have you drawn on real locations / experiences in your writing?

Yes, exclusively.

What story scares you?

Any story where a reader would conclude, “this character is really just Jenna dressed up in different clothes and using a pseudonym.”

If you were told you could only read one book before being executed for your terrible, terrible crimes, what would you choose and why?

War and Peace: it would buy me lots of time as my fearless attorney tried to get me a commuted sentence on appeal.

Have you ever met any of your literary heroes, and if so, were they amazing, dissapointing or just plain awkward?

No, never. Plus most of them are dead.

Which word / phrase do you find yourself always over-using and having to edit out

He (she) knit his (her) brow.

Name three people you would have at your ultimate book-club/dinner party. (living or dead…or undead.)

Vladimir Nabokov, John Irving, and Voltaire.

5 thoughts on “Extra Credit

  1. James Bond, huh? That response raises all kinds of questions re: License to Kill. That might require another Bamboo “tête-à-tête”!

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