The Sun Broke over the Horizon

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Yesterday was a very good writing day. It was the first real cohesive and productive day I’ve had in a while. I crossed over the 85K-word mark, which unlike other mileposts, puts the finishing line in sight.

When I hit the 85,000th word (incidentally, the word was “translation”), my mind pulled up the image of the sun rising over the ocean. (Sort of like the one above.)

Brains are funny little things which behave in odd ways if you don’t try to manipulate their every move. They can be both instruments of surprise and wonder if left to their own devices.

There are times when I am knee-deep in my writing that my mind is divided between the creative and the meditative. I don’t think you need to be a writer of words to get this divide. I would imagine that many of you have had this “split” as well. Maybe you were running a long distance, knitting a complicated pattern, or playing the piano. Whatever it might have been, it had to have included the use of your mind in such a singularly focused way that the more sleepy sections had a chance to wake up and go for a short stroll.

Maybe that’s what hallucinogenic drugs do? They chemically cause the “split.” To hear reviews of LSD, mushrooms, and “magic mint,” it seems like this is the whole purpose of taking these substance–to quiet the busy and far-too-loud part of the mind to allow the buried parts a chance at some daylight.

With 15 to 20K words left in my story, I imagine I’ll be watching that sun make its way overhead and then disappear behind the western horizon in the next several writing days.

Yesterday’s sunrise sighting was unbeckoned and organic. It’s my sign to tie up the loose ends, finish the story, and say good night to those figments of my imagination.

Then, I plan to get back to daily blogging.

Today was only a quick sharing.

(Really. I’m not blogging.)



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