Betting on a Long Shot

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Yesterday I learned of a competition where fifteen editors volunteer their time to work on a manuscript (or two) with writers who wish to tighten and strengthen their fully-completed MSs.

After those 15-30 MSs are honed and polished, there is an “agent round” where the writers can pitch their now-stronger novels to prearranged literary agents with the hope of “fast-tracking” the otherwise arduous process of doing the editing and pitching in (usually) isolation.

Here’s the catch: It’s capped at 100 entries per editor and then, as I mentioned above, one (maybe two) is picked. That’s an abysmal 1%. And I’m going to take those odds and submit. On Saturday, the entry gates open at 12:00 PM and remain open for 24 hours. As it’s a first-come-first-in-line deal, the best bet is to be ready to hit the “submit” button at high noon.

I can almost hear the “horses to their gates” announcement–with the anticipation of the bell.

And 100-to-1 and 110-to-2 odds sound pretty bleak, right? That’s about the odds of getting published anyhow.

Place your bets: the race is about to begin.


5 thoughts on “Betting on a Long Shot

  1. Everything about success in writing is a long shot. Jenna, just jump on any opportunity to get discovered without worrying about what you are up against. Not getting selected isn’t failure… it’s motivation to work harder to find the avenue to get connected to your audience. It will happen for you Jenna. You are too talented and too driven not to achieve every goal you set for yourself.

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