Happy Birthday, Dear Blogpage: The Numbers

Today marks one year since I began blogging.

Image result for birthday cake 1

Some of you have noticed over the past year that I’m a bit of a numbers freak. I like numbers. They’re concrete, and I’m able to draw all sorts of conclusions and inferences from them.

Having made the 1-year-mark, I thought I’d share these numbers:

In the course of the last 365 days . . .

I have written 206 (this one you’re reading is 207) blog posts.

The blog has been “viewed” 23,353 times

by 10,217 people

from 89 different countries.

The blog has 624 “likes” and 1,077 comments.

The most widely-read post is this one, which is no surprise with the provocative, click-bait title. The least widely-read post is this one, though I’m not sure why. “3:26AM” seems a perfectly enticing, click-worthy title.

A special thanks to Tina Williams, who has been my blogging sister for the last year. She also was a wonderfully helpful beta reader.

And of course, to all of you who have been with me for the last year. I raise my afternoon double espresso to you and hope that the day will come that you’ll be able to say, “I was reading her blog way back in 2015, long before you ever heard of her.”

Much love and respect to you,





11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Blogpage: The Numbers

  1. It’s so like you to be grateful to your readers. You’ve got a really healthy following for a reason! Your posts range so much and the element of surprise always awaits! Thank YOU for writing, it’s often a labor of love…!

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