What Have We Done?

Yesterday, I stood in solidarity with close to three hundred students, ranging in age from 12 to 18. I was there to show my support for their non-violent, social activism. Because my 10-year-old son’s school was not planning a “walk out,” I brought him to be with his older three siblings after he had expressed […]

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What Are We Teaching Our Boys?

A while ago, I shared my thoughts about the cultural acceptance of fathers controlling their daughters, but really, controlling their vaginas. As offensive as that paternalistic behavior is, it appears that in some families, the sexist clamp around a girl’s sexuality is controlled by an older brother or two. Take for example this description I […]

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What’s That Like?

When I travel to see my sister on the other side of the country, I always get an aisle seat. The fear of  blood clots killing me–were I to not get up every hour or so–make an aisle seat both necessary and thoughtful of my row mates. On my last trip, I met a woman–trapped […]

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“Are You Mad at Me?”

Remember back when you were mired in teenage angst and told your parents about a friend who was “ignoring” you for “some reason” but you didn’t know what or why? Can you recall that feeling of anxiety, almost fear, sitting in your center and possessing your thoughts over what you could have possibly done to […]

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What Would You Call This?

On this day in 1874, the US Patent Office granted a patent to Samuel W. Francis for this “invention.” Maybe it was less of an “invention” and more of a combination of two things which, prior to Mr Francis’s bright idea, had not been put into one handy utensil.   One hundred forty-four years later, […]

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