Envy the Ostrich

Being an adult is hard. Expectations force us to do things we’d rather not; responsibilities require us to participate in activities we’d prefer to avoid; obligations compel us to behave in inauthentic ways. Oh for the days when my biggest challenge was trying to sound esoteric in my term paper on Existential Neomarxism. (Side note: […]

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Picking Through the Pile

It’s probably not such a good idea to put domestic paperwork into a pile in my writing area. Without fail, I end up not putting important dates onto the calendar; I forget to pay bills; I lose track of “must sign” schoolwork for the children.     Every so often, I’ll tackle “the pile.” I’ll […]

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The Worm that Keeps on Singing

This morning I awoke to a curse on my day. It wasn’t some happenstance misfortune. It wasn’t a surprise. The curse was planned, outlined, and executed with precision. I will be spending my day with a special song in my head thanks to my dear, sweet husband who in the late–and unsupervised–small hours of the […]

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“First in, First out”

Reflecting on the last couple of days, the phrase “First in, first out” came to mind. No, it’s not the motto of the Marines–which I thought when it first popped into my head. In fact, it’s not the motto of ANY armed forces unit. The closest I could find was the U.S. Army’s Pathfinders’ motto: […]

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