“First in, First out”

Reflecting on the last couple of days, the phrase “First in, first out” came to mind. No, it’s not the motto of the Marines–which I thought when it first popped into my head. In fact, it’s not the motto of ANY armed forces unit. The closest I could find was the U.S. Army’s Pathfinders’ motto: […]

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Working Under a Deadline

When I was in college, I would delay, procrastinate, and put off what I needed to get done until the very last minute–usually at the end of the semester. “Finals Week” for me was a collection of empty 12-oz. diet soda cans and a haze of chain-smoked cigarettes. (For the record:  I have long since […]

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Trifecta of Parental Failure

I deserve either a medal or a public flogging. Yesterday I managed to be some odd incarnation of myself. Possessed with the spirit of awful, I went off the rails twice: once with the 15-year-old and once with the dog; and to complete the “bad things come in threes” truth, blew it with my son–on […]

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Betting on a Long Shot

Yesterday I learned of a competition where fifteen editors volunteer their time to work on a manuscript (or two) with writers who wish to tighten and strengthen their fully-completed MSs. After those 15-30 MSs are honed and polished, there is an “agent round” where the writers can pitch their now-stronger novels to prearranged literary agents with the […]

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R & R (Not Rest and Relaxation)

In the publishing world, there are scores of acronyms specific to the language of that world. Here’s are two perfectly legitimate sentences: Last week, I finished my WIP (work in progress) and had it printed into an MS (manuscript). In a couple of months, I’ll copyedit the MS before drafting a QL (query letter) to send […]

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