“She Has Boundary Issues”

These words were said about me a couple of years ago by a woman who I had once considered a close friend. As much as I think she said these words to assign all of the blame of our fractured friendship on me and somehow–in her mind–conclude that her shortcomings were relatively benign, she was […]

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The Kindness of Others

On Monday–around noon–I got my nomination papers for the elected position of Library Trustee. It’s a position I held for four years some time ago and a role in town government I truly enjoyed. I was told to get at least forty-two signatures. Forty-two is a rationally related number to the total of registered voters […]

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Fear the Trojan Chicken

I have dreamt the deaths of my four children, each iteration more violent than the last. In my sleep, I’ve felt the heat from detonated hydrogen bombs and breathed the smoke when trapped in burning buildings. I have drowned and been shot. But in general, nightmares come to me on the very rare occasion. I’m […]

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Envy the Ostrich

Being an adult is hard. Expectations force us to do things we’d rather not; responsibilities require us to participate in activities we’d prefer to avoid; obligations compel us to behave in inauthentic ways. Oh for the days when my biggest challenge was trying to sound esoteric in my term paper on Existential Neomarxism. (Side note: […]

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Picking Through the Pile

It’s probably not such a good idea to put domestic paperwork into a pile in my writing area. Without fail, I end up not putting important dates onto the calendar; I forget to pay bills; I lose track of “must sign” schoolwork for the children.     Every so often, I’ll tackle “the pile.” I’ll […]

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The Worm that Keeps on Singing

This morning I awoke to a curse on my day. It wasn’t some happenstance misfortune. It wasn’t a surprise. The curse was planned, outlined, and executed with precision. I will be spending my day with a special song in my head thanks to my dear, sweet husband who in the late–and unsupervised–small hours of the […]

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